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Bill & Debbie Young

Bill and Debbie Young have always worked well as a team, not only in their personal life but professionally as well. They have an extensive amount of experience with homes. They started a real estate career in October 2015, but have had extensive experience with the housing market and professional transactions in their past careers. For example, Bill worked 20+ years as a self-employed general contractor. In Debbie’s past career she became an expert in money handling as she operated her own bookkeeping business.

The Young’s are both highly motivated and driven people. Bill’s desire to become a Certified Home Inspector stemmed in large part from working as a Realtor in Idaho. Bill worked with a variety of different home inspectors and was inspired to use his talents and expertise to provide people with a thorough and professional reporting of the condition of the home they are about to purchase. Debbie will use her administrative expertise to ensure that the inspection appointments are scheduled in a timely manner. As former real estate agents, they are aware of how important it is to get the home inspection scheduled quickly.

Communication and ease of scheduling are key factors for a successful home inspection process. The Young’s have bought and sold their own homes, learned as much as they could from the great real estate agents and home inspectors they worked with. After their interest continued to grow, they figured that, with Bill’s close relation and knowledge of homes and Debbie’s background in accounting, that being a Certified Home Inspector would be a good fit for Bill as a career and Debbie, of course, would be a great help to him in the office handling in-coming calls, schedule inspections and performing the administrative aspects of operating a successful home inspection company! They love the opportunity to meet new people through their business relationships.

Throughout their careers, they have strived to do the best job— giving their clients their full attention and effort. This was apparent throughout their industries because, in the 20+ years of Bill’s contracting, he hardly had to advertise at all as most of his business was through word of mouth referrals from very satisfied customers. He did great work and was always professional. When asked how they feel about quality customer service, the Young’s answered, “We believe strongly in good customer service and providing the best quality service we can to our [clients]”. This level of dedication to their clients is what sets them apart from the pack. They have raised the bar and are continually doing their very best.

I have the tools

Thermal Imaging, Moisture readers, GFCI testers and more.

Easy-to-read Report

An HTML or PDF report that gives you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Certified Experience

I am certified with the largest home inspector association on the planet.

Competitive Pricing

You’ll get a high-quality inspection for the money you spend.

20 Years Experience

I’ve been in the building and remodeling fields for over 20 years. I’ve seen it all!

Follow-up Support

I am always available to answer any follow up questions you might have.

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